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Careid Surprenant

Yoga Instructor

Careid has a comprehensive knowledge of human anatomy and the mechanics of alignment are essential to creating an expansive and injury-free yoga experience. Careid incorporates pcreatingma & meditation, as well as Ashtanga, Tantric and Iyengar elements into each class.  She received her 200hr CYT from Moksha in 2013 under the guidance of Daren Friesen and her 500hr CYT in 2015 with Rich Logan. Careid has studied Ashtanga with Morgan Lee and Todd Boman, Tantric Yoga with Marcelyn Cole and Mia Park, and Iyengar and Therapeutics with Gabriel Halpern.  Careid believes that our bodies are the container for our true selves, and yoga is the means by which we reach a deeper awareness of one’s self.