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Dietrich Mcgaffey

Yoga Instructor

After knee surgery followed by a car accident, yoga transformed Dietrich’s physical therapy into an integrated, restorative practice. Then meditation through breath and body kinetics brought focus to the struggle with attention. He now teaches Hatha Yoga + Vinyasa to bring this opportunity for transformation and growth to everyone. Using smooth flow with structural integration, classes become a mindful vinyasa with balanced elements of yin and yang. Dietrich is a student of anatomy and alignment with Rich Logan and Tias Little, arm balances with Jen Enders, inversions with Carmen Aguilar at The Lab, and ashtanga-vinyasa with Amy Beth Treciokas– as well as drawing inspiration from Dharma Mittra and Ana Forrest. Dietrich’s classes run from gentle and restorative through challenging and core conditioning to anti-gravity flight.