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Brendan Butkus Kru Chicago Personal Trainer

Brendan Butkus

Personal Trainer

Brendan has come a long way since the age of 19, when he walked into a gym and walked out five min later because he felt intimidated.  For seven years he has been developing long-term health and fitness solutions for clients and coaching them through personalized sessions that are challenging and educational.  He enjoys working with people to make new healthy habits a routine so their fitness goals become a reality.

Individual/group sessions with Brendan include a brief dynamic warm-u followed by a blend of strength and high-intensity interval training by using the most effective exercises to promote high levels of metabolism.  Which is modified for individuals at all stages of training.
Brendan’s background includes mixed martial arts where one of the goals of training is to achieve elite levels of fitness to meet the demands of the sport.  And his yoga practice/teacher training has given him the tools to coach a stronger mind-body-breath connection.
Brendan is a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer since 2010, and a registered Yoga Teacher since through Core Power Yoga since 2013.