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Small Group Training

6 week training camp



Small Group Training Camps are an intensive 4 or 6-week small group training program designed to educate you for a lifetime of health and fitness. The program is designed to make you eat, sleep, and breathe fitness for 6 weeks. By the end, you will feel a complete change in your daily habits, energy levels, fitness level, body fat, and general health.  This small group training program focus is three one-hour intensive weightlifting sessions plus three HIIT cardio workouts each week. Work with Kru trainers that will motivate and keep you on track throughout the program. This rigorous small group training schedule is designed to get you into great cardiovascular condition, build lean muscle, and burn more fat than you ever have before. The Bridal Bootcamp is an accelerated 4-week version that gets you in top shape for your wedding day.

On average Training Camp participants lose 10 pounds of scale weight and 4% body fat in 6 weeks of small group training.

Bridal Bootcamp



Included is a six-week vitamin and supplement package assembled by certified sports nutritionist Josha Kruvand NSCA-CSCS, AFPA-CSNC. Josha will explain the benefits of optimum supplementation and outline a daily vitamin and supplement regimen to follow during the program.  Also included is a sample low-calorie meal plan.  This menu with recipes will keep your diet on track thru the duration of your small group training camp.


Biometric measurements will be taken every 2 weeks during the program to closely track your progress and provide one-on-one time with your trainer to help with any questions you have along the way.  Using a comprehensive skinfold test will give you a better idea of your body composition (BMI) than scale weight can.


Fitbit Flex monitors will be provided throughout the duration of the program. You can track and share your daily activity and sleep patterns with the Fitbit Flex bracelet. Use online food journals and calorie calculations for a more advanced data driven lifestyle assessment.


The 6 Week Training Camp is held three times a year: Winter (January), Spring (March), and Fall (October).  Please inquire for upcoming dates.


Bridal Bootcamps are 4 weeks and typically happen during Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Special arrangements can be made for private parties. Please inquire for the next session.

Bridal Boot Camp


12 one hour boot camp sessions

3 cardio training interval programs

Nutritional guideline with recipes

Vitamin and supplement consultation

Bi-weekly biometric and body fat measurements

Bridal Boot Camp


Bridal Bootcamps are held during Spring, Summer, and Fall. Please inquire for upcoming dates.