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Kru is a community of support dedicated to inspiring you. Stay motivated with trainers and instructors that will inspire you to stick to your workout plan and push yourself harder than you ever thought possible.


We’ll help you reach your fitness goals with customized weight training group classes, semi-private strength training sessions or 1-on-1 personal training. There are no contracts and no sign up fees.


Now you can workout with a team of qualified trainers that have the knowledge and expertise to keep you on target without getting bored.


• Kru is a community: Be inspired, encouraged, and challenged by our teamwork philosophy.
• Kru gives you choices: Fitness is not one-size-fits-all, which is why we let you personalize your program.
• There’s no need to tie you down with contracts: We have confidence in our methods and we know you’ll come back for more.
• Our personal trainers have the talent and experience to help you get the most out of your workout.
• Have fun and stay committed: Our training hours are flexible and a variety of classes are scheduled throughout the day to help you get your workout done at a convenient time.
• Don’t get stuck in a routine: We create new and innovative workouts all the time to keep your body guessing, your mind engaged, and your fitness top-notch.


Workout with Chicago’s favorite trainers. Our strength coaches know how to change up your routines to make sure you stay challenged and work different muscle groups so you look forward to the next sweat-soaked workout and see results fast!


Our classes are based on time, not reps. So you’re free to set your own pace, pick your favorite classes, choose your weights and work with trainers who are here to help you get results. And you’ll always be able to fit in a workout because we’re open 16 hours a day.

I absolutely loved working out at Kru, and it’s one of the things I will miss the most about living in Andersonville. I will feel very lucky to find something even a tiny bit similar.  I also wanted to thank you in particular for the training camp. I have kept off all the weight I lost during the camp, plus a few additional pounds that I lost after.  The diet totally changed how my husband and I eat and cook at home. He lost over thirty pounds after that. So the boot camp you designed was quite literally life-changing, not just for me but also for my husband. Thank you so much for that.”
Sarah O.

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From the experienced Personal Trainers to the friendly Desk Staff our professional and knowledgeable team will help you to get the most out of your KRU experience. The expert Kru Personal Training Staff have years of experience and multiple certifications from nationally accredited associations making them the best of Personal Trainers Chicago.

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